A new birdwatching destination in the Western Mediterranean

The Narbonnaise regional park is situated on the southern French coast in the western Mediterranean and is part of one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

With its wild beaches, coastal lagoons, former saltpans, vineyards, Mediterranean “garrigue”, limestone cliffs and rocky outcrops, the regional park includes an internationally renowned diversity of landscapes.

One of France’s richest ranges of birdlife…

These varied habitats are home to one of France’s richest ranges of birdlife, with nearly 400 out of the 950 Western Palearctic species observed in the park, either as residents, seasonal visitors or occasional visitors. Close to a third of the bird species found here are protected, either nationally or internationally.

Information in English about bird guides, day trips and small group tours, resources for DIY birding trips to the Narbonnaise and the latest birding news can be found on the Birding Languedoc website.

You can also download the following English guides:

Where to watch birds in the Narbonnaise regional park

Which birds to see when” in the Narbonnaise regional park

Local French birding organisations LPO Aude and Aude Nature also provide information and organise outings, many of which are free as part of an Aude county programme of natural history outings called “Découvrons (ENS)emble dans l’Aude” between April and September. Whilst these family-friendly half-day trips are run in French, some of the guides do speak other languages.

Enjoy exceptional bird watching opportunities and many other outdoor activities, as well as great food and wine, in the Narbonnaise regional park, one of Europe’s newest nature holiday destinations !

Birdwatching Narbonnaise at Birdfair

Birdwatching Narbonnaise will be present again at Birdfair this year, so come and see us on the French Parcs stand: Marquee 1, stands 22-24 – where as usual you can enter the draw to win a hamper of delicious local produce from different regional parks around France.

Birdwatching Narbonnaise Birdfair
Birdwatching Narbonnaise Birdfair

Birdwatching Narbonnaise welcomes Bill Oddie

In spring this year, the Narbonnaise regional park was thrilled to welcome Bill Oddie, who joined a week’s Birding and Wine tour to the area on a mission for Birdwatch magazine. Bill’s article about the trip and his discovery of the local bird life will be published later this year in the “World of Birds” special supplement, with the January issue.

Birdwatching Bill Oddie @PNRNM
Birdwatching Bill Oddie @PNRNM